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Why do companies outsource their recruitment and resource management to Qwalifize?

To build and change the DNA of their company culture.

Limited time and resources to recruit for an open position and screen potential candidates
  • No human resources departments or available staff to dedicate to the recruiting process
  • Jobs have gone unfilled for a long time
  • Experienced high turnover rates for a position
  • Received little response to job postings
  • Business and Medical Insurances, Workers' Compensation, Claims management 


Qwalifize has a large network of candidates for even the most specialized position. We can support locally and nationally. If you have an international need, no problem. We're fully insured and can take on responsibility as the employer of record which will lower overhead costs and frustrations to quickly move on getting projects done. We have several options.


We plug in the missing components which are smart and efficient workers

No need for several candidates to reach out to you. We focus our time to identify, vet, interview, skills-test, then present them to you based on your needs. There is only

a one-time fee and TADA! You have a new worker. 

Have a short-term need, a skills gap or want more hands-on-deck? We offer the same quality of sourcing plus management of the onboarding, HR relations and payrolling (as the employer of record), performance and even take care of offboarding. Simple as that.

Our "try before you buy" model allows for a preset trial time with the intent of converting our W-2 worker to your permanent employee. They already understand the team culture and now what they are doing, why not?!

Stay compliant and meet your numbers with HUBZone workers and qualify for HUBZone setasides.

New Service Announcement 

Asset Management: Our platform proources real-time visibility and contro of all high-value and mission-critical assets to increase asset and labor optimization, decrease shrinkage, and adhere to regulatory compliance across industries.

  • Locating damaged or lost containers

  • Studend whereabout alerts

  • Identifying pallet and equipment shrinkage

  • Room capacity and migration monitoring

  • Freezer temperature fluctuation

  • Protected badging

  • More

Human Resources Training & Learning Management Systems: 

We provide various Human Resources Training such as employee retention, best in-class interviewing practices, diversity and inclusion to name a few. Also, we can create proprietary Learning Management Systems for your organization such as on-demand learning and compliance programs with achievement-based certificates. 

  • Interviewing 

  • Employee retention

  • Harassment

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • On-demand LMS creation

  • Certification LMS

  • More

* Dependent upon the service chosen-please see Detailed Client Solutions Tab 

Need Clarity?

There is an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This naturally translates into a growing number of projects, where success or failure of a business can often hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to specification. 

Developing in-house capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the needs of an organization are constantly changing. When there are more projects, there there's a ripple affect of more human resources to handle employee relations and administrations for compliance. 


Moreover, in today’s business world where falling behind the innovation curve can lead to disaster, very few companies have static staffing needs. Even companies who are content with business as usual can easily find themselves relying on outdated legacy systems which, upon failure, could cripple a business. 

We are here to serve!


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