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Lizbeth Walker

Chief Executive Officer

I have had many experiences in various areas of the workforce spectrum. To my Job Seekers, I know what it is to be a laid-off worker, a temp worker, and a temp-to-perm worker. Also, to do what it takes to climb up the corporate ladder. I have worked in retail, sold knives door-to-door, magazine subscriptions as a telemarketer, mobile credit card machines, a chiropractor's assistant, a server, and a grocery bagger for tips. You name it, I've done it. 

I've also managed operations comprised of thousands of workers, developed hiring processes, oversaw payroll and performance and plenty of other jobs from which I derived skills. The knowledge gained every step of the way has resulted in being a consultant in these areas to companies and job seekers. I've seen my employer clients become job seekers, and I've seen my job seekers turn to employer clients.

It is my passion to not only continue to develop my staff so they can meet personal goals, but also to meet the needs of both of our customers: job seekers and employer clients. Your roles are meaningful! We want to contribute to your quality of life by helping businesses startup, rebuild, maintain, grow and thrive with the right guidance and people.  

I say to everyone "Keep walking toward your God-given purpose!"  


115 N Stewart Ave
Kissimmee, Florida 34741


(407) 505-0026


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Via Appointment


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